Get to Know Chris

About Chris: An award winning digital thinker, author, television & radio commentator, public speaker and educator, Chris Dessi is the CEO and Founder of Silverback Social. Silverback is an award winning digital marketing agency.

Throughout his career in London and New York, Chris has worked with a wide array of businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, as well as notable personalities, products and brands. Chris travels the country coaching executives and college students how to leverage social media to benefit their personal brand message and their career.

Chris’ savvy marketing acumen has propelled his personality into the national media landscape. Chris regularly appears on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Good Day New York, & FOX BUSINESS’s Varney & Co. He has lectured to the United States Marines aboard the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum. Chris is a contributor on

Session Title: Remarkable You

Build a Personal Brand, and Take Charge Of Your Career. Based on the Personal Branding Book: Remarkable You: Build a Personal Brand, and Take Charge of Your Career. Personal branding expert, and success speaker Chris Dessi will share the proper path to thought leadership in a digital age.

Attendees will learn:

Steps to Build Your Personal Brand and Become a Thought Leader:

  1. How to define your message?
  2. How to determine your audience?
  3. How to define where do you want to publish your content?
  4. How to test topic ideas
  5. How to begin to write content
    1. Use apps to help, ex: Hemingway app to become a better writer
  6. How to maximize your content
    1. Use SumoMe to aggregate emails so you can market your content
    2. Use Co-Schedule to scale your content
  7. How to properly pitch editors with warm introductions
  8. How to proactively engage and build your platform